Article by Will Humphries, Business2Communities

“Despite the emergence of new content formats and features, your blog remains central to effective content marketing. It is typically the interactive hub of your website and delivers numerous benefits you can’t achieve through other tools. Blogging is the most important aspect of content marketing when it comes to generating organic traffic.

Yes, there is a lot of work involved. However, your blog gives you a voice with your customers and offers you the opportunity to be seen as an expert in your particular industry.

The following is a look at several primary reasons a blog is still critical to lead generation through content marketing.

People Want Answers and Advice

The majority of individuals faced with a problem turn to the web in search of information or a solution. Your blog is an important place to offer information and answers during initial awareness and consideration stages in a buyer’s investigation.

Your blog is also the best place to deliver advice to people facing problems that your company addresses.”

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