Article from Target Marketing

“Really? Start with strategy, not technology.” That was the epiphany from an attendee I overheard during a conference on CRM technology a few years ago. With a heavy sigh of relief, he added, “That makes so much sense.”

Not much has changed. Flashy new technologies catch our eye — as they should — but sometimes they become the proverbial cart pulling the horse. This situation applies to all types of technologies, including those that help to create, host, and distribute branded content, as well as those that help to measure its impact.

So, although the easy answer to “What’s the one thing you need to choose the right content technology?” is “Strategy,” you’re not getting off that easy. Along with that branded content strategy, you need to be clear on the goal it supports, establish the objectives and metrics you’ll use to plan for and measure success, and set the tactics to carry it out. And be just as firm about what you shouldn’t be doing. Of course, you’ll also have to set a realistic budget. Only then will you know what tools will best support your plan.

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