Article by Cromulent Marketing

“The buying process (or its superset, the customer experience journey) is the codified, step-by-step process or sequence of milestones that a prospect follows. Documenting the buying process is a good start, but it’s incomplete because doing so does little or nothing to capture the information needs, organizational blockades, and other complications that arise in the messiness of the real world. If you’ve structured your sales process around a squeaky-clean, perfect-world buying process, then you’re missing an enormous opportunity to improve results.

What you need to do next is to address buying barriers. If you haven’t really looked into buying barriers yet, then you’re note alone – when we surveyed Waterloo Region’s technology marketers for the Waterloo Region Technology Marketing Spotlight, only 17% reported that they understood their prospects’ buying barriers “Very well”.

The good news is that investing just a little bit of time and effort to understand and address real-world buying barriers delivers wonderfully asymmetric returns, because doing so empowers you to develop high-impact messaging, effective content, and efficient sales processes.

In this post, I hope to show:

  1. What buying barriers are, and why understanding them is so important
  2. How to identify and document them
  3. How to deal with them”

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