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“For many businesses, summer is generally the slowest season for online marketing. The sensation of summertime can cause consumers and merchants to shy away from spending time and money online and more in the sun. Do not let this discourage you! Summer can bring new opportunities and business growth, if you carefully select effective strategies that will help keep online users engaged on the web. Explore this blog to learn the top four marketing strategies that could boost your business with more traffic and/or sales this summer!

Smart Social Media Tactics

Let’s face it—Social media consumes the life of countless individuals. Online consumers may be enjoying the beach and traveling to new hit spots, but that does not take away from the fact that they most likely will be constantly checking their cell phones and social networks. Use this to your advantage. Developing a consistent and active social presence will help benefit your business by promoting your products, services, sales, and beyond. The trick is to maintain relevant and have a wide variety of content for your audience (in regards to relevancy for example, do not promote sunblock when the weather is expected to be rainy for the entire week). Use videos, graphics, memes, or a play on words to lure the attention of online users- let them see something that they have not come across before.”

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