Article by Anita Sambol, Marketo

“Let’s start this with a statistic that should by itself be enough to have any small business owner invest in digital marketing. According to RetailDive, 87% of buyers start searching for products to buy online. Eighty-seven. It’s a massive market size to not be a part of, and definitely, the biggest reason why you should invest in digital marketing. Nevertheless, here are 7 more reasons along with tips on how exactly to do it.

1. Digital marketing helps small businesses build lasting customer relationships
Over 1,190 US-based small business respondents told Keap that their third biggest challenge in 2019 was retaining and re-engaging customers. It’s safe to assume that most of them are online and using the internet on a daily basis, so increasing digital marketing efforts in 2020 will definitely help.

There are over half a million new businesses started every month in the US, so “losing” customers is a lot easier today than it might have been 20 or 30 years ago. But, if you know your target customers well, and your product even better, digital marketing is a fantastic tool to keep them coming for more and push your competition away.

Unlike many in-store buying experiences, digital marketing doesn’t stop at checkout. It goes beyond to ensure a buying customer becomes the brand’s ambassador.”

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