Article by Tomas Swinburne,

“You’d be forgiven for wondering, “What exactly is a business blog, and why would a business have one?”

A blog is an online platform where individuals, organizations, and businesses can share their thoughts, insights, and expertise on any given topic.

As for why businesses have them, the answer is simple: businesses blog to become visible to both customers and search engines.”

“Don’t be mistaken—a blog isn’t just someone’s personal online diary.

Although that was once the case, the medium has evolved into what’s estimated to be a $300 billion industry by 2019.

Moreover, a 2017 survey by Content Marketing Institute found that 75% of business-to-customers (B2C) marketers use blogs in their marketing strategy.

To understand why blogging for your business is important, think of it like this:

You’re in a room filled with people trying to get everyone else’s attention by shouting everything they know. Your blog is the the microphone and speaker you use to shout louder than everyone else — if what you’re saying is interesting, you’ll get and keep people’s attention.”

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